tisdag 5 juli 2011


Jag vaknade halv sex av att jag fick en stor tyghund i ansiktet, en fluga trakasserade mig och ute KRAXADE skatungarna. Bara att gå upp då:)
I woke up 05.30 with some difficulties to breathe..someone had put a big dog (a fabric one) in my face, a fly was harassing me and outside the young birdies were screaming..well..nothing else to do than to get up :)

2 kommentarer:


Åh! vilket "mysigt" uppvaknande... Hoppas dagen blev/blir bra.

Denise sa...

wow-I guess you had to wake up :) love all your creative talent here. That book is so cool and I love your altered work as well. Those ATC's were gorgeous Marja.