tisdag 5 april 2011

Schemat är klart

för kursen med Emily Larlham/Kikopup och vi kämpar på. Det är Juno som skall följa med. Jag har tänkt och tänkt och ändrat mig men jag och Juno har inte tränat så mycket så vi behöver det. Även om Polly är en stjärna och lär sig allt på 2 röda. Fast det är ju ingen utmaning...
Min engelska är OK - hoppas jag. Känns lite nervöst måste jag säga, har aldrig tränat "på engelska" förut - håll tummarna! Har spelat in en liten film ska försöka få upp den ikväll:)

The schedule for the workshop with dogtrainer Emily Larlham/Kikopup is here. It´s me and Juno taking this class, i´ve been thinking and thinking and we haven´t done that much training before so i´ve finally made up my mind for my black little troublemaker;) It was a difficult decision, Polly is a star and she´s learning really fast but..is that really a challenge..no...
Hopefully my skills in speaking english will do - feeling a bit nervous, it´s the first time i take a doggy class for an english trainer..wish me luck!

Dag 1/Day 1

Doggie Improv -Warm up: 101 things to do with an object, 101 things to do without an object, then discuss. Learning how to learn.

Positive Interrupter -How to interrupt a dog’ s unwanted behavior without using punishment, and how to get sustained attention and interest.

Default Behaviors –How to train ‘situational cues’ or ‘default behaviors’ / Example: When on leash and owner sits in a chair, lie down unless told specifically what to do. Default leave it, stay behind a visual barrier and more.

Canine Communication -Using voice, touch, body language and reinforcement to communicate. How to incorporate calming signals into training.

Building a calm foundation -A calm dog is a thinking dog. How to build calmness. For use with reactive dogs, as well as competition dogs.

Advanced Targeting -Sustained targeting, targeting with unusual body parts. When and how to apply targeting.

Handling exercises -How to condition handling and how to use handling in training. Handling games for shy and reactive dogs. Chin rests.

Motivational Games -Building drive. Capturing and building attention and focus.

Problem solving -Thinking outside the box for solutions to new ways of training tricks, or solving unwanted behavior. Example: Dog reactive to people in hats -don’t just use counter conditioning, build hats as a conditioned reinforcer!

Question and Answer

Dag 2

Building a bank of Conditioned Reinforcers -How to condition a large variety of secondary reinforcers.

How to make behaviors reinforcing in themselves -Using a behavior that is a conditioned reinforcer to reinforce a behavior chain. Example: A retrieve can reinforce heelwork.

Variety -It’s not about how long you train but WHAT you train in each session.

Setting a training plan -and sticking to it! -How to not get stuck on the same level of reinforcement, working on multiple behaviors. Cross training. Moving onto a variable schedule quickly!

Crazy Tricks Lab! -Coming up with crazy ideas and making them a reality.

Rear end awareness -How to teach rear end awareness, and apply it to teaching tricks and heelwork.

Back Chaining -Using back chaining for competitions, tricks, and more.

Using Premack -To build focus on handler, build the strongest recall possible.

Generalizing -Generalizing behaviors to the rest of the world, not just your living room.

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