tisdag 1 mars 2011

Graphic 45 Design Team Call

Yes, i´m giving it a try! I just love their design so why not? Here comes my work (you were supposed to apply with 10-15 peices of your work...) so i´ve been pretty busy;) I´ts not all new stuff but some are. Enjoy!!!
Graphic 45 söker DT och eftersom jag älskar deras papper kunde jag inte motstå den utmaningen. Men de ville att man skulle skicka in 10-15 grejer..phuu..det har varit lite att stå i...så det blev lite nytt och en del gammalt. Håll till godo!

Layout 12x12 - You got the right steam

Card - For you

A little can - Don´t forget to take your pill

Layout 12x12 - Live your dream

Layout 12x12 - A "big" little reader

A minialbum made of a bagalbum by Graphic 45. Here´s the frontpage. I used too much stuff inside so i had some trouble closing it;)

Front page without overlap

Front overlap

My grandfather and his 4 daughters

My grandmother and the daughters

My Great-Grandmother and my mother

Me and my mother

My 3 daughters

Last side
I left som empty pages, just in case my daughter eventually will come up with their own daughters.....

My Christmas Grunge Calendar

If you want to check out more pics with my calendar, look here

Card - for Olivia

Card - Congrats Em

Layout 12x12 - Aninas Café

Well, that´s all for now, wish me luck and cross your fingers, paws and everything that you can possibly cross :) Det var allt för den här gången, håll alla tummar, tassar och hovar och allt annat ni nu kan hålla för mig:)


3 kommentarer:

Heidi sa...

Yey - Jag hejar på dig ;)

Hoffmans Design sa...

Oj då har du hunnit med allt det.
Det var kanon snyggt.
Ha en bra dag

MrsPolkaDot sa...

iiihhhh...Jag håller alla tummar igen!!!!!