torsdag 13 januari 2011

8 (awarding) things you didn´t know about me

I find it fascinating with all this new "friends" i have on the internet. I like to be inspired by their work, talent and smalltalk. Sweet Carrie is one of these talented ones, she´s like a colourful explosion and she gave me an award, like 3 months ago..:
And it goes like this:

 By accepting this award I will complete the following:

  1. Thank and link back to the person who awarded me.

  2. Share 8 things about myself.
  3. Pay it forward to 8 bloggers that I have recently discovered.

  4.  Contact those bloggers and tell them about their awards.

  5. So Thanks Carrie! I thought it would be fun to illustrate those "eighty things" with some matching hold on to yourself, this might be startling...

1. I´m a natural Blonde..huh..haven´t seen that gastly colour since 1977. Thank God...

2. I´m extremly clumsy and woozy. And then i mean REALLY CLUMSY AND WOOZY. When we were shopping one saturday i rushed in to a store ´cause i saw that they finally were selling some denim-bulldogs with metalbuttons (previously they were used as decorations at the store) and looked anxiously after them. Unfortunately i missed something on my assault at the store - a blind woman and her hubbie, trying to calmly leave the shop..but i sort of ruined that. How embarrasing was that..huh.. My Darling just shook his head and pretended he had another girlfriend...I just didn´t see the blind woman...i was heading for that dog..couldn´t help that..
Well, that´s typical for me, ask my poor children..they have plenty horrific experiences to tell ;)

3. I used to be a very good housekeeper. I baked all the bread myself, buns and cakes and all you can eat. Of course i made my own jam, lemonade and babyfood. I lived as a single mum for 8 years (before my darling had the courtesy to show up..) and i had three small children under 10 years old, 2 dogs, 2 horses, a large amount of rabbits, salamanders, parrots and some other animals perhaps..At this very same time i studied to be a teacher but i couldn´t finish ´cause my back broke..huh..really?..who´s surpriced..
I sort of had calmed down these days, i don´t HAVE to do everything all the time, 24-7 :)

4.I´m an ice-creamlover. I fall asleep to the roaring sound of this ice-cream machine and i wake up to the same noice. Almost like one of these trendy wake-up-lamps..huh..*giggle*

5. I´m pretty good at organizing, believe it or not..

6. The most boring thing ever is to wash and make up my hair. I love the winter - you can just put on a cap and your bad hairday doesn´t show!

7. I was a tom-boy. Always playing with the boys, i loved being superman, my best friend was batman :)

Me and the boys.
8. My creative career sort of started when i transformed into a punkrocker 1977-78. Finally i met some other people that were creative. It didn´t matter if you were good at long as you had fun and did things together. We played music, (i was a singer and played bassguitar..huh..), we wrote poetry and plays, we painted together and it was very innovative. I really bloomed and got hold of myself.
No, this is not a bad hairday, i used to look like this!
Now i´m paying forward this award to some really nice new bloggers that i haven´t awarded before.
Check them out and enjoy, they do wonderful stuff:
7. Pia
An award means nothing more than an opportunity to meet new people in the blogworld. And isn´t that great?

7 kommentarer:

~Isabell~ sa...

TUSEN TAKK=) Hyggelig å bli lagt merke til=)

MrsPolkaDot sa...

Å TACK vad gullig du är! :) Det var riktigt roligt att läsa (och se ;) ) 8 saker om dig själv! Kan du fortfarande sjunga punk? :)

Carrie sa...

awwww....thanks Marja! your post is super fun....and the photos are fantastic!!! actually, i'm really I fell and cracked my lip open....rediculious, right?!?! now i'm off to check your list of blogs : )

<3 Carrie

Heidi sa...

1000 tack sweet - du er så sød.
Hvor er det sjovt at læse om dig og lære dig endnu bedre at kende :)


Sweet, å jupp jag hänger på.

Men du... kan man för höra det där bandet ;) som du sjöng å spelade i...

Lisa sa...

åååh wow! Va roligt att läsa lite mer om dig!! :)
Känns lite som att vi är ganska lika!

Marolle sa...

takk :)
jeg har netop sat det på min blog.